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Whole food based formula consist of 100 percent daily value of multi-vitamins and minerals with more of the folic acid and iron needed by women. All the multi-vitamins and minerals are fermented with organic live cultures of probiotics to enhance the bio-availability, allowing them to be taken on an empty stomach like food. Once per day organic coated tablets support a woman's total vital organ system with a complex of 13 certified organic super foods.Organic multivitamins and minerals - all of our ingredients are from organic sources (organic fruits and herbs) only
They are fermented with organic cultured media with live probiotics to make them more bio-available as a whole food complex
Each ingredient is micro - encapsulated and spray-dried to enhance bio-availability and to protect from denaturing from stomach acids
Complete female organ support - has a 13 organic certified ingredient super food complex, shown in numerous clinical studies to support a woman's vital organs hormones, heart, joints, hair, skin, nails, immune system and digestive tract
Once per day anytime - most traditional synthetic multivitamins are recommended taken with food to avoid an upset stomach
Our formula is a fermented whole food, based on a natural organic formula so the body can recognize it as natural rather than as a synthetic
This prevents stomach upset and allows you to take it any time, with or without food
Gmo free, gluten free, kosher, dairy free and vegan