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INR 230.00

Brand : Storin

Color : Black & Red

From the Manufacturer:

- Storin Reversible Laptop Sleeve

• Worried about your laptop getting dirty, dusty and scratched? Don't want to carry bulky laptop cases or bags? Try getting the Storin Reversible Laptop Sleeve which not only protects your laptop but makes you look stylish. This multi-purpose laptop sleeve can be also used as a case to store your documents and other accessories. Waterproof and dust resistant, it is perfect for daily use. The reversible laptop sleeve gives you the option to use two patterns easily adding to your style quotient.

• The Storin eversible Laptop Sleeve is made from the sturdy neoprene material and is very good for everyday laptop protection. The 14 inch size is perfect for normal laptops and you can carry it around very easily within your office for meetings or across large campuses. You can say goodbye to sore arms or back as this lightweight laptop sleeve eliminates heavy loads from your daily life.

• The durable neoprene material makes it a great long term investment adding life to your laptop too. The additional padding inside ensures that your laptop is protected from many spills, harsh surfaces and scratches. This scratch resistant laptop sleeve is a must buy for your precious laptop.14 INCH High quality neoprene material to protect the laptop from scratches and dust
Attractive Black and Red Color
afe and attractive packing
Type: Sleeves and slip cases
Material - Oil-tanned leather carry handles. Constructed of water-resistant nylon, features a stain-resistant coating and was abrasion tested for durability