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ORBON Electric Heater / G Coil Cook Top: A Unique handy Heater cum Cooktop with all the Usefullness of Heater, Gas & Induction Stove.An essential product for every kitchen and Home.Orbon electric Heater cum Coil Cooktop Save Electricity, Money and Time.This is the best alternative to fan heaters, electric heaters, convection heaters, halogen heaters, LPG Cylinders, Stoves etc. Now need not be worried incase if the LPG Gas is exhausted in between cooking your meal.It is beneficial for Housewives, Working Women, Bachelors, Students away from Home etc. Energy Efficiency: You can cook Rice and Potatoes in few minutes.Milk boils within few seconds. It cooks food in less time and hence consumes less power. Environment Friendly: It releases no smoke, No exhaust gas. Safety: Due to absence of open flame in Heater cum Coil stove, It keeps the Kitchen and Home safe from the risk of accidental fire. Material: Iron cast G Coil element, Body Made Of Iron Metal, Functions: Sealed Solid Plate Design Helps To Prevent The Entrance Of Water. Flat And Smooth Cooking Surface Makes It Easy To Clean. The ORBON HEATER cum G Coil Electrical cooktop works well on any surfaces. Its excellent waterproof features keeps it from short-circuiting. The Spray coating only allows heat to reach the cookware surface, avoiding electric shocks, especially when using metal cookwares.Useful for Everyone. (Picnic, Home, Office Purposes)
Light Weight, Handy and Shockproof.
Less Power Consumption, Easy to carry.
Electric Heater cum G Coil induction cooktop
Radient technology provides high heating efficiency.