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This cold pressed, avocado oil by Nature's Absolute is a panacea for managing dry hair and skin. The nutrient rich carrier/base oil aids in improving the quality of skin, deeply moisturizing it and adding a healthy glow. When used in hair care, avocado oil helps manage frizzy hair, making it smooth and silky. As it nourishes the hair follicles, it adds strength and vibrance to brittle, lifeless and dull hair, giving your hair a spa like pick-me up at the convenience of your home. Avocado oil, being a carrier/base oil can be easily blended with other carrier as well as essential oils so that it can be effectively used for body and hair massages as well as in aromatherapy• For hair care: As avocado oil is rich in essential nutrients, it helps nourish brittle hair, adding a renewed strength. It deeply moisturizes hair right to their roots, making dull, lifeless hair soft and radiate with a healthy vibrance. Avocado oil also aids in making dry, frizzy hair manageable and silky.
• For skin care: Face: Perfect for skin as it deeply moisturizes the skin adding a rejuvenating glow and making skin supple. Body: It soothes the skin, hydrating and making it soft and smooth.
• Nature's absolute uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our cold pressed Avocado oil's purity is maintained. This versatile oil can be blended with other essential and carrier or base oils so as to create a skin and hair care routine that works most effectively for each individual consumer.