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This is a high quality hot water bag with Fur and velvet surface. Fur helps in retaining the heat for a longer time and also gradual release of heat. Note : Its artificial fur and not animal fur. The problem with cheaper hot water bags is that its too hot when just heated, so you need to use towel etc to reduce the heat. And suddenly its cold. Our high quality hot water bags does not have this issue. Its much more comfortable to use than the cheaper bags with rexine or polyester materials. Why compromise your personal comfort for a few rupees? Color and design is subject to availibility as per stock Please note : Rechargeable means that the device can be connected to electricity to heat the water inside. There is no battery inside. Hence no risk of electric shock. Its perfectly safe to use.Velvet Type Electric Heat Bag Hot Gel Bottle
Color And Design Is Subject To Availibility As Per Stock
It Is A High Quality Reliever From Aches In Cold Climatic ConditionsSealed With Special Gel
Once You Use This You Will Fill The Different