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Product Description

Managing blood glucose levels is extremely important for everyone especially those of you with diabetes. Effective management can only be done when you know your glucose levels regularly. For easy testing and monitoring of blood sugar, here is the one touch select test strip that is to be used along with One Touch Glucometer.


How to use:

The One Touch select strip is easy to use and helps in accurately monitoring blood sugar levels. Take a strip, prick your finger and apply a drop of your blood on the designated area of test strip. Insert the strip into the One Touch Glucometer. The glucometer provides the right reading within a few seconds. Why take the trouble of going to the laboratory every time when you can check your sugar levels in the comfort of your home.


The strips are made to ensure you get accurate readings of your blood sugar. If you are asked to change your medication to better control your diabetes then this pack of 10 strips comes handy. Watching your sugar levels for a week will certainly help you know if your medication is giving you the intended result. If it is not, then you can certainly seek professional help without wasting much time. Wouldn’t it be great for you to be able to monitor your blood glucose all by yourself without having to trouble any of your loved ones or having to take the trouble of travel? For easy, fast and reliable blood sugar measurements get yourself the One Touch select 10 strips to be used along with the One Touch Glucometer.

Only used with the Onetouch select meter
Used by people with diabetes at home and health care professionals in the clinical setting
Are for use on the finger, palm, and forearm