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Incredio Shake-A-Meal mix makes a great tasting shake that provides complete nutrition of a balanced meal, without overloading with unnecessary fats and calories. It is ideal for people trying to maintain weight in a simple and healthy way. Incredio Shake-A-Meal is scientifically developed after months of research by experts on nutrition. The products are extensively tested for quality and have gone through Certificate of Analysis. Several Nutrition Experts recommend Incredio as ideal for healthy weight management. Dr. Latha Sashi Member, National Governing Council- AIAARO A combination of effective ingredients to provide fullness, energy, and 25 essential vitamins and minerals Dr. Suresh Itapu, Director, Food and Agri Consulting Services An ideal meal, enriched with high quality protein and fiber blend to help manage optimum calorie intake. Dr. Kavitha Reddy, Director, NutriTech Consulting Services and Author- The Indian Soy Cookbook Scientifically designed formulation, perfect as a meal replacement to maintain weight.Saves upto 700 calories as compared to regular meal with Incredio weight loss shake in delicious Mango flavor.
Provides 220 calories and gives you about 21.5g protein, more than 4.5g fiber, and 27 essential vitamins and minerals per serving of shake prepared with 300 ml skimmed milk that keeps you full for 5 hours.
Provides high quality protein- Soy, Whey and Casein and a complete nutritional profile.
Provides sustained and quick energy and controls Junk cravings.
To achieve healthy weight follow Incredio 123 plan - Replace 1 meal with Incredio Shake-A-Meal, Drink 2 cups of Incredio Refresh Tea, Walk 3 times for 10 minutes each. Call Incredio @ 8130-123-123 to Speak to a Nutritionist and get Free Personalized Weight Loss Counselling