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Natural Exfoliation for a Natural You! Natural sisal fiber is the perfect texture to clean and exfoliate skin. It's firm fibers help remove damaged and dead skin, bringing back your skin's natural glowing radiance. Exfoliating with sisal promotes circulation, and helps reduce acne. Easily cleans your back, neck, shoulders, feet, and other hard to reach areas on your body. Whether coming home from a hard day at work or relaxing comfortably in a bubble bath, back scrubber and scrubbing pad are the perfect addition to your daily cleansing routine. The terry cloth backing is made from premium material to ensure a soft and soothing feel against your hands.Premium Grade quality back scrubbers & pads. Backed by soft terrycloth fabric with a firm yet comfortable hand grip, these pads will help give your skin its natural radiant glow.
The naturally coarse texture offers a truly deep cleansing exfoliation experience. allows a more thorough scrub than a loofah shower sponge can provide. Rejuvenate your skin today with men's and women's body scrubber pads.
keeping your skin healthy by removing dead skin, promoting circulation, and reducing acne and skin blemishes. Removing dry and dead skin not only improves your skin's appearance but also gets rid or dead or damaged skin where bacteria can collect.
Easily scrub all those hard to reach areas with our luffa like back scrubber. The rope handles allow for a smooth back and forth scrubbing motion that easily contours to your body's natural curves.