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Every child loves to own a pet. Funskool, the worldwide leader in children's leisure time products, has come up with this toy named Digger the Dog. This special doggy will surely become your little one's best friend. Its happy barks, sweet whimpering and funny sniffs will keep your child entertained every time he plays with the toy. It weighs around 662g and requires no batteries for its operation. It is recommended for both your little angel and prince from 9 to 18 months.

This cute dog comes in a bright yellow colour and is bespattered with black spots all over the body. It has floppy fabric ears, droopy eyes and a cute tail. The cute dog wears a smart red deerstalker hat. The doggy has wheels attached below its legs so that the kid can just pull it along. Every time the little one pulls it by its 30” string it wags its tail and makes funny walking actions which is sure to entertain every kid. It is made of quality material that is sturdy and the bright colour combination gives the pup an attractive look.

Benefits of the Funskool Digger the Dog

The play dog acts as a good companion for your little one during their growing up years. When he or she attains the age of 18 months this toy will help them improve the coordination skills and balance. By the time they attain the age of 2 years the kid will actually enjoy moving it forward and backward, moving it in circles, watching the toy following the instructions and listening to its sweet whimpering sounds.

So gift this attractive pull along toy to your little one and add more fun to his or her playtime.

Digger the dog shall become Your kids first companion
Digger the dog is irresistible with his large floppy ears, lovable droopy eyes and a cute tail
Lots of fun actions for little ones as the dog is pulled along
Develops social skills, role play helps in baby's first steps