Envirochip - Radiation Protection Chip for Mobile Phone (Black Colour)


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Envirochip is a Radiation Protector Chip which when fixed on a Mobile Phone, neutralizes the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted from the Mobile Phone completely. This is done by changing the nature of harmful radiations and making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the signal strength or quality from the device. The Enviro Chip has been tested extensively by reputed medical institutions in India and a lab in UK. Tests on more than 500 people have shown that their Stress levels have reduced by over 5%, which is medically significant. Improvements can be seen in various health parameters such as Pulse rate and Immunity. Fix the Envirochip on the back of your Mobile Phone. Content of the Packaging: One pack with one chip for a Mobile Phone along with an instruction manual.Protects the body from the harmful radiation
Tested & Certified at reputed labs & institutions for its effectiveness & usability.
CE certified,Accredited by Max Healthcare,Tested at DB Technology Labs, Cambridge, UK and certified that the signal strength of the device is not affected by fixing Envirochip on the device.
Watch this video to know the harmful impact of EMR- http://youtu.be/mqplhWhLzqw
Watch this video to know the benefits of using Envirochip- http://youtu.be/APJw7fpeuFQ