Bubble Hut Jungle Rainforest 1-2-3 Baby Kick and Crawl Musical Gym Mat...


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Gift your child an activity centre that can help him enjoy kicking, crawling and grasping. This baby gym grows with the child through three prominent developmental stages namely lay and play, tummy-time fun and crawl. You can also attach toys to the mat and watch your baby reach out to them. This kick and crawl gym is specially designed for kids below three years of age, who are still learning to hold themselves upright. You can recompose the quilt space to make more room for your baby to crawl in it.Jungle Kick and Crawl Gym is a activity play centre for kids below 3 years
Activity gym grows with baby through three developmental stages
Stimulating patterns and activities invite baby to bat, grasp and kick
For tummy-time fun, attach toys to the mat to encourage reaching and pushing up
Ideal for: Boys and girls